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Academic Course Scheduling Information

Please submit changes as early as possible. We will make the changes and we will update the schedule on the WEB on a regular basis. You will have significant opportunities to review your schedule to ensure that we have it correct. The schedules will be distributed in an Excel spreadsheet. You can save the portions of the spreadsheet that apply to you. Please make your changes to your copy of the spreadsheet in red bold and send the changes to If you need assistance in working with the spreadsheet, please call 797-1015.

Schedule Information & Deadlines

Course Materials

Please submit Course Material Information to the Bookstore as early as possible. All Course Material Information must be submitted and processed through the Utah State University Bookstore prior to a class being open for registration. Course Material Information may be submitted at For questions about Course Material Information submissions please email

Online Course Scheduling

Online courses should be included on the semester schedules submitted by departments. New online courses must complete the Online Course Development Process at least one semester before the course is offered. All online course development must meet the standards of the USU Quality Online Standards and signed off on by the instructional designer, before development funds are transferred to the department. 

Blended Course Scheduling

Blended courses are defined as courses taught both in-person/IVC and via Online. The online (asynchronous) components reduces the time traditionally spent in the In-person or IVC setting. Participation is between 21 and 79 percent online (asynchronous) with the remainder being In-person or IVC (synchronous).The Scheduling Team must be notified when a course is Blended, in order to list the course correclty to students.

Instructors who are teaching blended courses are encouraged to seek assistance from CIDI to develop online content using best practices, resources and proven instructional techniques (also to ensure that accreditation standards are met). An online application/checklist for faculty members who wish to teach a course as blended is available to ensure departments, schedulers, and students are aware of the blended course schedule. Blended Course Application Form

AIS does not provide course development funding for broadcast or blended courses.

CEU Course Scheduling

Continuing Education Units(CEUs) can be scheduled when a department wants to offer non-academic credit for completion of non-credit programs, courses, and workshops and have it noted on a USU transcript. CEUs are intended to improve the knowledge and skills of working adults.

AdHoc Event Scheduling

Submit the AdHoc broadcast event request form to schedule any broadcast meetings that are not part of an academic class. Meeting should be scheduled one week in advance to allow each receive location to schedule appropriate rooms and facilitators. Email or call 435-797-7009 with questions regarding adhoc meetings.