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Enrollment Management Guiding Principles

In order to maximize enrollments across all statewide broadcast and online sections, the following guiding principles are be applied to manage enrollment demands:

  • The default size of Logan undergraduate broadcast and online sections will be set at 1/2 the overall course capacity. Changes from this default size must be approved by the AIS Scheduling team in consultation with RC administration.
  • Logan graduate broadcast sections will be set at full capacity or as defined in program MOUs.
  • A department may request that there be no Logan section broadcast.
  • Departments may offer broadcast or online courses that have a primary population of Logan students and in those cases there will be no restriction of the Logan broadcast sections.
  • Increases or decreases to the overall cross-listed section caps (including Logan) must be approved by department heads and RC administration if necessary.
  • Changes in the individual section caps can be adjusted without notification to the department head.
  • All Logan broadcast sections caps will not exceed room capacity. Logan class assignments will be reviewed to ensure that the courses with high enrollments are in the largest rooms and low enrollment courses are in the smallest rooms. A department/program cannot maintain the use of a large capacity room when there is another room adequate for their size needs available.
  • Two weeks after registration begins through day 15 of the semester, Logan caps may be increased incrementally, to accommodate wait listed students, where adding additional seats will not prevent RC students from registering. AIS may move the class location during this time to fit classes that have high demand in the largest rooms available at that time.