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Excellence in Teaching and Learning Grant


Through an annual competition, Academic & Instructional Services supports an Excellence in Teaching and Learning Grant (ETLG), designed to advance the scholarship of teaching and learning of Regional Campus faculty. Proposals from Regional Campus faculty (tenure-track, tenured, and non-tenure track) should include details on exploring new teaching methods, enhancing pedagogy, and remaining current and creative in their disciplines.

Faculty may apply for up to $10,000 to implement a high quality teaching and learning project that applies innovative teaching strategies, maximizes student engagement, promotes collaborative learning, extends certification, and/or creates new methods of assessing learning outcomes. Proposals should represent a pedagogical improvement project that may not otherwise be possible without this funding.


The ETLG awards are up to $10,000. Awards will be announced in the spring semester. The one-year grant period is July 1 through June 30, with possible carry forward of grant funds for one additional year.


Regional Campus full time faculty members (tenure-track, tenured, and non-tenure track) are invited to submit proposals for an Excellence in Teaching and Learning Grant. Applicants must have sufficient time to devote to the project and demonstrate (with a detailed timeline) feasibility of completing the project during the one-year grant period. Proposals that seek only to acquire or use technology (e.g. to purchase computers or other equipment) rather than explore its impact on teaching and learning will be less competitive for this grant.


Proposals for the next fiscal year grant funding, including the required letter of support, must be received by 11:59 p.m. on June 16, 2019. Late or incomplete proposals will be returned without consideration.

Proposal Sections and Format

  1. Cover Sheet (1 page) - See template.
  2. Project Narrative (up to 4 pages) - The project narrative should be concise but thorough and must not exceed four, single-spaced pages with one inch margins in a 12 point Times or 11 point Arial font. The project narrative should include the following sections and information:
    1. Project Description
      • Description of targeted course or pedagogical improvement project
      • Explanation of need
    2. Goals and Objectives
      • Project objectives and their relationship to learning outcomes
    3. Strategies
      • Project design
      • Realistic timeline (including proposed date of completion)
      • Needed resources
    4. Project Outcomes
      • Anticipated products (e.g. technology-enhanced or online course materials, teaching practices, certification or assessment methods)
  3. Budget and Budget Justification (up to 2 pages)

The budget must be reasonable, and costs should be commensurate with proposed activities. Examples of allowable expenses include purchase of teaching tools, student assistance, certification fees, travel to professional and certification workshops, and data collection. Because these are internal funds, no facilities and administration fees will be assessed. Summer salary for the applicant and/or mentor is not allowed. Funds will be distributed to faculty at the beginning of the grant period (i.e. July).

NOTE: Costs of entertainment, including amusement, diversion, and social activities and any costs directly associated with such costs (such as tickets to shows or sports events, meals, lodging, rentals, transportation, and gratuities) are unallowable. Purchase of alcoholic beverages is never allowed.

  1. Applicant Curriculum Vitae
  2. Letter of Support - Applicants must provide a letter documenting support for the ETLG project from their academic department head.

Submission Procedure

Applicants may submit only one proposal per annual competition, and no more than one grant per faculty member will be funded. Since this is an internal grant program, the proposal will not need to be reviewed by your sponsored program administrator in the USU Office of Sponsored Programs.

Apply for this Grant

Review Criteria and Procedure

Proposals are reviewed by a committee under the direction of the Vice President of AIS. In order to provide the review committee with additional information on which to base a funding decision, department heads may be invited to provide comments on the credentials of the applicant and the importance of the proposed project.

The committee uses the following criteria to evaluate proposals:

  • Completeness of application and conformance to guidelines
  • Clear articulation of perceived need and desire to explore solutions
  • Potential for the project to produce results that increase student learning
  • Feasibility of completing the project in the time proposed and with the funds available

Required Training

RFAST training must be completed before the award is given.

Post-award Requirements

Awards are administered by the Academic and Instructional Services Business Office, and final budgets are subject to approval of an AIS business officer. Post-award requirements are as follows:

  • A final report (limited to two pages) that summarizes results and identifies achieved outcomes is due 90 days after grant completion.
  • Support from this program should be acknowledged in all publications resulting from the funded project (“supported in part by an AIS Excellence in Teaching and Learning Grant”).
  • AIS should be notified if support through this program leads to funding or publications.
  • Funding recipients may be asked to participate in an evaluation activity to improve the program.

Contact Information

If you have any questions concerning these procedures or need assistance, please contact John Louviere,, or call 435-797-7144.

Excellence in Teaching and Learning Grant
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