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IVC Recording Policy

IVC broadcast courses or events may be recorded for educational purposes under the following guidelines.

Emergency Recordings

USU Academic & Instructional Services (AIS) has the capability of recording IVC classes during emergency situations such as:

  • Technology and building infrastructure interruptions, including power outages
  • Weather-related interruptions
  • Network outages or slow-downs

There is limited recording capacity and can not be used for weekly lectures. If an event meets one of the categories above it will be scheduled to record by AIS staff. Links to recordings will be sent to faculty within 24 hours after the meeting has finished. Faculy will be responsible for distributing the recording link to students or posting the link in Canvas.

Recordings will be available for one semester after the course has finished. Faculty are repsonible for downloading and archiving any recordings they would like to keep beyond the end of the semester.

Non-Emergency Recordings

Instructors can record lectures using Panopto, the lecture capture solution supported in IVC classrooms at Utah State University. Using the Panopto recorder, instructors have more control over when and what to record. Recordings are stored for two years. AIS can schedule weekly lectures to auto-record upon request. The recording originates from the teaching computer and extra steps are needed to incorporate a personal laptop. For more information about Panopto visit:  

Concurrent Enrollment Recordings

Video recordings of Concurrent Enrollment IVC classes will be password protected to secure the privacy of minors and adherence to local, state, and federal laws.  Passwords will be provided to administrators of each IVC hosting site. Administrators should disseminate video recordings and password information with care and limit access to students or school personnel that have a legitimate educational reason for accessing the video recording (such as student absence).