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 Request Analytics Training

  To request training for any of the following products, please follow these instructions:

    Step 1. Follow this link to the Access Request Form on 

    Step 2. Login with your USU A-Number and strong password.

    Step 3. In the section of the form called “Requested Access,” select “Learning Analytics” from the dropdown.

    Step 4. In the dropdown called “Choose Civitas Program,” select the desired product.

    Step 5. Complete the rest of the form, Add to Cart, and Submit at the top right hand side of the page.
   Once our office receives your approved request, Mitchell Colver ( will be in contact to set up a training. If you would like to arrange training for a group, please let us know and have each member complete these same instructions.

Illume Students

This product offers cohort-level insights regarding student likelihood to persist across multiple factors of interest. Access is ideal for division and college administrators, as well those who administrate financial aid and scholarships.

Illume Courses

This product offers insights regarding the association between student course-taking patterns and their associated liklihood to persist and graduate. Access is idea for department heads and faculty seeking course-level insights.

Inspire for Advisors

This product offers student-level insights regarding how certain student behaviors are associated with a greater propensity to persist and graduate. Access is ideal for Academic Advisors and other program advisors with student-level contact.


This product offers users back-end access to the data and tables that make all of the other analytics products work. Access is idea for faculty members with research interests and IRB protocol approval.