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Solutions Empowered by AIS

Academic and Instructional Services

Academic and Instructional Services

AIS assists the university in advancing and supporting excellence in:

  • Learning
  • Discovery
  • Engagement

AIS is committed to student success by working across the USU System—serving and supporting faculty, staff, and students wherever they are located—to advance USU’s capacity and reputation to build, deliver, and support academic excellence (teaching and learning), with a focus on quality, accessibility, and innovation. AIS supports a student’s journey, from their first point of contact with USU and forward, helping them achieve their higher education goals.

AIS is organized into three service areas:

Office of Admissions

Recruits, admits, and enrolls students who are the best fit for USU.

Registrar's Office

Assists in registration support, ensures accurate assessment and collection of tuition and fees, and maintains academic records.

USU Online

Provides an optimal online education to students by organizing course development, assessment, recruiting, and enrollment.

Financial Aid Office

Makes higher education financially possible by navigating federal financial aid, such as grants, loans, and work-study.

Office of Concurrent Enrollment & Continuing Education

Administers USU’s statewide concurrent enrollment program, continuing education courses, as well as summer semester planning.

Academic Scheduling Office

Supports university instructors and administrators to create and maintain high-quality learning environments, and produces eLearning courseware.

Student Orientation & Transition

Provides all necessary support to ensure students transition to USU successfully. 

Student Support Services

Seeks to support disadvantaged students who have potential to meet the challenges of higher education by strengthening and developing their academic and self-management skills.

Office of Student Retention & Completion

Creates and offers campus leadership reliable data and student-focused programs to help students thrive academically, socially, and personally.

Academic Success Programs

Develops programs and services to support students in exploring their intellectual potential and achieving academic success.

Academic Media Production

Provides USU instructors with the resources and professional staff they need to produce engaging, effective educational videos such as in-class lecture recording, documenting complex demonstrations, and high-quality voice overs.

Center for Innovative Design & Instruction

Supports university instructors and administrators to create and maintain high-quality learning environments and produces eLearning courseware.

Teaching & Learning Technologies

Explores, develops, and supports innovations in the classroom and eLearning environments, building and maintaining USU’s teaching and learning ecosystem.

Classroom Technology

Designs, installs, and maintains all Internet Video Conference (IVC) classrooms and conference rooms throughout the USU System.

Academic Testing Services

Assists students and faculty through online materials and a testing system committed to the highest standard of academic integrity.

Disability Resource Center

Works with individuals, faculty, and staff to ensure students with disabilities can fully participate in university programs, services, and activities.