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RCDE Policy on Use of SKYPE

Adopted February 2011

Academic & Instructional Services (AIS) strongly discourages the use of SKYPE on university-owned computers and networks. Additionally, it is AIS’s policy that SKYPE will not be used for teaching situations between instructor and student(s).

In cases where instruction or communication is needed between computers, we recommend using Adobe Connect. With our state-supported contract this is free to use and allows for audio/video conferencing, desktop sharing, multiple users, and archiving. As faculty or staff you are entitled to a Adobe Connect “room” to use and IT and CIDI will support you and your students. Adobe Connect is also supported in our current Learning Management System (Canvas). If you have questions about using Adobe Connect you can contact the CIDI team (435-797-9506) or review online tutorials at:

Currently, AIS only allows for courses to be delivered to personal desktop computers using Adobe Connect (charges may apply) – this is a programmatic decision made by AIS and the department in joint decision-making and is different than our IVC broadcast courses. AIS does have other desktop computer applications that support our IVC broadcast system – however, these applications also have limitations and policy restrictions (see E-Learning Policies and Procedures ). Faculty are not authorized to teach live AIS broadcast courses from their desktop computer (except courses approved to use Adobe Connect). Again, if a desktop communication tool is needed between colleagues (i.e. meetings), we strongly encourage you to use Adobe Connect.