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Individual IVC Connection Policy

USU supports multiple applications to allow participants to join a USU IVC (Internet Video Conference) event from a computer rather than in a classroom. These applications include, CMA (formerly Acano), and WebEx.

If you are unable to participate during the scheduled course time, due to illness or travel, the instructor can:

  1. Provide supplemental content online.
  2. Record the broadcast using Panopto. (NOTE: Not all origination rooms are Panopto enabled. The instructor should confirm with their local center technical support.)
  3. Arrange for the student to attend the course from a USU Center by contacting

Those who are out-of-state or can not participate due to other special circumstances must:

  1. Obtain approval to connect remotely. Instructors need approval from their Department Head. Students need approval from their instructor.
  2. The request and the above approvals must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the class or event to
  3. The individual must verify they have sufficient system requirements, including a location with sufficient bandwidth and dedicated technology/network support (for firewall adjustments). These applications are typically not approved for hotel or in-home use.
  4. Schedule a successful test connection from the same location and using the same hardware that will be used for the actual event.

The USU E-Learning and System Support team will work with USU campuses and students for approval, logistical and technology support for these applications. For information or assistance email or call 435-797-7009.