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Learning Circles
To join any of the following Analytics Learning Circles, which meet semi-monthly during the academic term, please complete this online form. We will be in contact shortly thereafter.

University Analytics

Michael Torrens

Topics: General

Tools: All+

Members: Data enthusiasts, etc.

Regional Campus

Andrea Olding & Kristian Olsen

Topics: Faculty mentoring, advising, program evaluation, cohort analysis

Tools: Inspire, InspireConnect, Illume, Impact, Courses

Members: RC/Eastern Admins, RC Advising, RC Faculty, etc.  


Heidi Kesler

Topics: Cohort-level analysis, retention, program evaluation, financial aid, strategic enrollment management  

Tools: Inspire, Courses, Impact, Illume

Members: Registrar, Financial Aid, Admissions, etc.   


USU Colleges

Brian Warnick

Topics: Outreach, curriculum, faculty mentoring, program evaluation  

Tools: Inspire, Courses, Illume, Impact

Members: Associate Deans, etc.  


Academic Advising

Janet Anderson          

Topics: 1-on-1 Academic Advising, Appreciate Advising, CLA coordination, advising impact

Tools: Inspire, Courses, Impact

Members: CLA, University Advising, RC Advising, USU Eastern Advising, Champions, etc.


Department Heads

Dean Adams

Topics: curriculum, general education, coordination, retention, course availability  

Tools: Courses, Illume

Members: Department Heads, Associate Deans, etc.



Kevin Reeve

Topics: Teaching and Learning

Tools: Canvalytics, InspireConnect, Courses

Members: CIDI, TLT, etc.


Program Evaluation

John Louviere

Topics: Program evaluation, impact analysis, general analytics, empowerment

Tools: Inspire, Impact, Illume

Members: Residence Life, Athletics, Honors, Vet Center, etc.